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I'm new at starting my own business. But "Painting" well I gotta say is probably one of my strongest suits. I've painted my families homes ever since I was little, wheather I liked it or not LoL. and boy was my mom ever a perfectionist and that within time rubbed off on me. With an attitude "do the job right or don't do it at all". That my mom always said. It had to be perfect if it wasn't, well I wouldn't get paid for it or I would have to start and do it all over again. Gotta say I got so good at painting my mom would recammend me to neighbours and other people we knew and insister that only I and no one else except herself would paint her home and our families homes from now on. I know I was taught well because know it really bothers me when people rush their work and do a sloppy job. "Do the job right or don't do it at all". Guess that is now my saying or my thinking when ever I do any work weither for myself or others. Well I've been trying to get some painting jobs but I haven't had much luck but then again I've just started. I hope you can chose me to do the work because I need the work and I will do the best possible work/job and my rates will be lower than anyone else out there. Don't know what people charge for paint jobs know a days. But, I guaranty I will be cheaper than anyone else out there. If I'm not, I will lower my rate by 10%. That is a promise. 437-344-.... Thanks

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